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Purple Power® Prime-Shine® Bug Wash & Wax.

A powerful hand cleaner for the toughest grime.
Clean up with a powerful natural hand cleaner.

Natural citrus oils help remove the toughest dirt, grease and grime and natural conditioners soften and soothe dry hands.

Available in the following sizes:
Squeeze bottle: 7.5 oz. and 15 oz.
Pump bottle: 64 oz. and Gallon
Tubs: 14 oz., 28 oz. and 4.5 lb.

• Use with or without water - wipe off with a towel or rinse off with water
• Leave a fresh and natural clean scent
• Contains natural citrus oils
• VOC compliant in all states
• No petroleum solvents
• Non toxic
• Available in either Pumice or Smooth formulas



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